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Telemedicine is here.  Whether you refer to it as telemedicine, video triage, internet appointments or as we hope DocToSee.  The fact is that tele-visits of doctors and patients is a growing service being offered by more and more institutions and individual doctors.

The use of telemedicine has increased the number of patients an individual doctor may see in a given time period while separating patients that need more services such as an in office visit ormore tests from simple maladies that can be treated from home.  It will also substantially cut back on unnecessary Emergency Room visits by patients.

Land on the easiest way of getting advice from your Doctor with DocToSee Net-Visit Services.

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Net-Visit provides a wide range of care*:

Benefits of Using

  • Doctors can see twice as many patients on average per hour
  • Using DocToSee as a “video triage” function would allow more seriously ill patients to be directed to an actually needed office visit or test
  • Substantially reduce visits to the emergency room of patients with less than critical issues
  • Tap into the large technologically advanced Millennium population who rely heavily on phones and other mobile devices
  • Keep contagious but less than critical patients out of waiting rooms
  • Allow less than critical patients access to doctors without undo travel hardships when too ill to do so.
  • Allow patients faster access to doctors and therefore better healthcare
  • Bring back a form of doctor house calls

Other benefits of

  • Allow scheduling of doctor/patients visits 24/7
  • Better use of staff time with less phone interaction for non-essential calls
  • Better scheduling practices for hospital staff and individual doctors
  • Better requests for prescription renewals
  • Integration into backend medical enterprise systems and EHR systems
  • Substantial monetary savings with reduced staff intervention during non-essential interactions with patients

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States offering Telemedicine in USA:

To provide patients the utmost care, Doctosee is taking the advantage of the technology. It offers remote diagnosis to provide treatment for patients by means of telecommunications technology.

Check below to know which states are providing Telemedicine.